About Us

Dickie Bet was founded in 1989 and is the home of betting odds in the UK. Based in Camden, London, the company was set up by a team of die-hard Sports fans who always searched for the best odds on their favourite matches.

Now, with the Internet and technology on our side, we are passionate about helping customers find the best odds and offers from the best companies in the country.

As a trusted affiliate website, we have partnered with the leading betting companies to give you access to all the games and the most exciting odds available. We have enhanced offers and special sign up bonuses that are only exclusive to Dickie Bet.

Whether it is Premier League Football or The World Cup 2018, you can compare odds on individual matches, first scorers, end results and winners. Simply click on the bookmaker with the odds that interest you the most and you will be taken directly to their website where you can place your bet.

We are committed to gambling responsibly and act as an introducer to other bookies. We do not request any of your details and will therefore not pass on your information without your knowledge or permission.