World Cup Free Bets

A free bet offer a welcome bonus of £10, £20 or £50 for new customers that sign up and is available from most competitive bookies in the UK.

>>Bet £10, Get up to £70 in Free Bets

Betting companies are always looking for new customers and a free bet is the best way to get them on board. If there is a particular game, tournament or odd that interests you, a free bet can give you some extra money to play with and increase your potential winnings. The skill is to be on top of the game and always looking out for the specials and promo codes that companies promote at different times of the year.

At Dickie Bet, we have developed a close relationship with some of the leading bookmakers over the years and have access to enhanced odds and exclusive offers that you won’t see on the high street.

World Cup Free Bets For New Customers

As a rule, you will need to be a new customer to that betting company to be eligible for a free bet. By having the same name, address and card details, companies may be able to find a previous account and will only give you the welcome bonus if you are brand new. For this reason, there are benefits to signing up to a new betting company or one that you have not heard of – as this will give you access to the best free bet.

We offer:

  • Free bets no deposit
  • Matched free bets
  • Welcome free bets
  • Brand new free bets
  • Bet £10 and get £20, £30 free

World Cup Free Bets No Deposit

Some promotions require you to make an initial bet up front in order to access a larger amount. There are, however, offers available that just give you a free bet of £10 or £20 for simply signing up and verifying your card details. There may be restrictions on what you can bet on, for instance, nothing higher than 2/1.

e.g Sign up to a new betting company and receive £20 free

Matched Free Bet

This is where the bookie matches whatever bet you have made on the first bet of your new account.

e.g Bet £20 on Arsenal to win and then will give you an extra £20 – making your overall bet £40

Brand New Free Bet

This is where a new betting company will offer a free bet for new customers, as an incentive to get them to sign up. This is an offer that is new and may only be available for a limited time only.

World Cup Bet £10 and get £30 free

This is common around the World Cup or Euro competitions. You have to make a deposit of £10 in order to access a higher free bet.

e.g you bet £10 on Germany to win the World Cup and once deposited, the bookie will give you an additional £30, making your total bet £40.

>>Bet £10, Get up to £70 in Free Bets